Manchester University Students for Justice in Palestine
Standing in Solidarity with the Palestinian Struggle for Justice


Under the leadership of students at Manchester University
Manchester University Students for Justice in Palestine was founded by Lucas Al-Zoughbi, Salwa Nubani, Katie Jo Breidenbach, Zander Willougby, and Heba Nubani in the Fall of 2015.

The 2016-2017 leadership include: Lucas Al-Zoughbi, Katie Jo Breidenbach, Michael Himlie, Virginia Rendler, Amy Weeks, Sawyer Stefanados, and Samuel Torgerson.


Check out what people have to say about SJP, leadership, members, students, and faculty. 
Our goal is to increase awareness of the colonization of Palestine while also working on directly opposing profit from the human rights violations. We aim to support Palestine in their struggle for justice and self-determination.

Lucas Al-Zoughbi

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